About Me

For 20 years, I have worked in service to women, adolescents, and children as a Licensed Social Worker in the mental health and healthcare industries. My decision to become a holistic life coach flowed naturally from my experiences within that environment. I have witnessed intense crisis, struggle, and powerful transformation, and through that, my true purpose emerged.  


I launched Serenity Within, LLC to connect deeply with women of any age, in times of transition, when they are in need of inspiration, change, and when they are ready to commit to doing the difficult, rewarding work of creating the life that they want.  To achieve this, one must be open to looking within herself in order to slowly unveil her true identity.  I support my clients through this process by providing a variety of tools and techniques that get to the root of how their authentic selves were buried, so they can rediscover who they truly are.  Once this occurs, I continue to help women incorporate their true self within their current life allowing for living  authentically. I am passionate about empowering women to regain their strengths and confidence, which allows them to speak up, move forward, and connect with their inner goddess. 


As I listen deeply and hold space for dreams, hopes and challenges, I guide clients towards the development of realistic goals and objectives that will ultimately empower them to achieve a happy and fulfilled life.


Professional Background

  • BSW- New York University

  • MSW- Fordham University

  • Holistic Life Coach Certification- Spencer Institute 



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