Are You Ready To Look In The Mirror?

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Are You Ready To Look In The Mirror?

If you listen long enough to someone when they are talking you can eventually hear them speak their truths, although sometimes they don’t hear it themselves. When we continue to make excuses or think we know the reasons for why we are in a current state in our lives, it may turn out we are wrong.  It is not always easy to look in the mirror and see inside ourselves-all the hurt, sadness, guilt,                                               that have buried us. That takes courage.

Courage to accept ourselves for who we are, the good and the bad. Courage to admit to our mistakes and to make the changes that need to be made. We all have the ability to be courageous. Believe it or not, it is inside each of us. It is a matter of whether we are willing to do the work to unveil what is deep inside, gain clarity to what it is we want and need, and verbalize those desires. Once we reach that point, we eventually become empowered to speak our truths, make difficult decisions, and begin on a new path. It takes time, patience, and a willingness to commit to invest in ourselves.


We tend to hide behind our careers; family; and/or significant others because it is easier than owning how we really feel. However, eventually we have no place else to hide as our unhappiness soon surfaces and shows its face through stress, depression, frustration, confusion, or dissatisfaction. In order to begin the process of healing emotionally, physically, and mentally, we must acknowledge that everything that has happened in our lives, all the choices we have made, have led to where we are now.   We can take those experiences and life lessons and use it to shape a new present. We no longer have to live under someone else’s expectations and we do not have to engage in self-sacrifice in order to please others. We can learn to put ourselves first and still fulfill our obligations.

How wonderful will it feel to be free and empowered? Free from the heaviness of what we have been holding on to and empowered by our strengths. I challenge you to look in the mirror.