What is Holistic Life Coaching?

Holistic Life Coaching is a way to delve into the mental, emotional, and physical being, gaining insights into what the whole self wants to embody, in order to reach happiness and fulfillment. Through a co-active partnership, I work in collaboration with my clients as we realign the mind, body, and soul. Once balance has been rediscovered, we achieve clarity around desire and purpose, and this opens the doorway to a path lined with achievable goals and objectives.


Life coaching is not therapy.

It is an intentional practice that allows us to clearly see present circumstances and challenges, then to break down barriers that may be inhibiting growth or success in the professional or personal realm. Together, we can establish a strategy for opening up space for personal transformation.


Transform Your Life By:

  • Overcoming Fear/Anxiety

  • Incorporating Self-Care practice into your daily life

  • Reconnecting with your true self

  • Increasing self-confidence

  • Learning to use your intuition to assist in decision making

  • Create positive and healthy relationships




I offer one on one coaching by telephone on a weekly basis for 45 minute sessions.  If you prefer a short-term goal oriented program, contact me to learn about my 2 month Rediscover Yourself Package.  You can also work with me via the App Carrot FM for any specific issue you have and do no want to make a long term coaching commitment.  Learn more here


If you are unsure of how coaching can benefit you, simply contact me to schedule a Complimentary 1/2 hour Strategy Session. To arrange a pay-as-you-go plan, or for long-term scheduling, send me a message and together, we will create the optimal plan for moving forward.