What is an Authentic Voice?

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What is an Authentic Voice?

Do you speak your mind or are you the one that stands in the background knowing exactly what you want to say but too afraid to say it? Do you have your own opinions or just agree with what everyone else says? Do you know the skills/talents that make you unique? Do you live your life with conviction?

Having the confidence to speak your mind without fear of judgment, becoming aware of the special gifts you possess, and living your life on your terms is, in my opinion, having an authentic voice. We may think we are being our true selves but instead our thoughts, opinions, and actions sometimes stem from what others have either subtly or directly guided us on regarding belief systems and human behaviors. This can result in losing your true identity. Your goal should be to attain what you want with integrity and authenticity.

How do we regain our authentic voice? We must first reconnect with our mind, body, and spirit. When I mention spirit, I mean our souls. Our soul is what makes us unique. All your energy, emotions, thoughts, and skills, are part of your soul. It is like an identifier- no two souls are alike. When you regain balance of your mind, body, and spirit, you become aware of that which is preventing you from tapping into your best self. You begin to increase your confidence, have clarity on what you desire, and do not allow fear to stop you from speaking your mind or asking for what you want. You can realign these three entities by finding time each day to meditate, even for just 5 minutes. This process can begin to clear your mind and bring harmony back to your mental, physical, and emotional beings. Journaling is also a great way to release any negative thoughts and feelings that we tend to hold onto in our heart and mind.

So, what are you going to choose- A life led by others or one that you create for yourself?