Will The Real You Please Stand Up

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Will The Real You Please Stand Up


There has been a lot of talk about authenticity- about the importance of living an authentic life. Well, what does living an authentic life really mean?

Let’s start with the word authentic.  Merriam Webster defines authentic as ‘true to one’s personality; spirit; or character: not false’.   If we look at it from a narrower context, as it relates to life, I would add that it is living in a way in which your actions and words are congruent with your beliefs and values. It is being true to yourself, owning your thoughts and opinions. Integrity also plays a part in authenticity- I would say it is intertwined. With that being said, how can one begin to live the now sought after authentic life.

Look Back

First you need to go back in time and ask yourself some questions. What experiences shaped your youth? How did others beliefs/values influence how you view life? Did you have the freedom to speak your mind? This step is about remembering who/what influenced your life so you can begin to separate what are now your ideals as opposed to someone else’s. In order to understand where you are presently, you must review what transpired in your past to understand it and accept it, so you can know the real you before life intervened.

Current Life

What does your current life look like? Are you happy? How do you handle stress? Can you say No? Do you listen to your intuition? Do you feel pressured to do things you do not want to do? Our lives are constantly changing, however how we think and the choices we make, those powers belong to us. Even if you think it is out of your reach, the point is that you have the power within and it is time to unleash it. You know the expression, free will- you have the power to act, think, and speak in a way that reflects who you are, not who you were shaped to be by outside forces.

Now What

In the end the goal is to make authenticity a part of you and how you live. We should not be afraid to be our real selves. People will either accept you as is or not, and if not, then they are not meant to be part of your life. We have friends’, even family who come and go because they were in our lives for a reason, and that purpose was served. That is why it is important to be grateful for what we have and what we have experienced because that is how we continue to evolve as human beings. You must make a commitment to yourself to start living authentically and let the strength and power that is within guide you.